Here are businesses, groups and individuals who have supported NorCal Women on the Fly. We strongly recommend each of these partners.

Red Truck Fly Fishing Co

At Red Truck Fly Fishing Co. we celebrate our sport by taking you back to a simpler time. By focusing on rods and reels that make sense and deserve to exist, we make fly fishing easy and accessible. We know your fishing time is valuable and jumping in a truck with a good buddy to the local fishing spot is just as important (maybe more) than flying halfway around to an exotic location.

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AC Fly Fishing

Based in Redding, California, AC Fly Fishing offers high quality, personalized fly fishing experiences. All trips are led by our team of expert guides who are trained to work with clients of all ages and skill levels—from beginner to advanced. We ensure each client understands the basics of fly fishing so they can become a more competent, knowledgeable, and skilled fly angler. We take pride in exceeding each client’s expectations, ensuring an unforgettable and fun day on the water.

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Taco Fly Co

We say this, ”We’re a fly fishing lifestyle brand that celebrates the love for fly fishing, fun, and tacos.” Fun is number one and when our crew is together, we have too much of it. Whether if you want to get into the Lost Sierras, chase bad-to-the-bone rainbow trout on the Lower Sacramento, or battle some California Steelhead on the Trinity River, we got you covered for a trip that includes education, relaxation, and most of all...FUN!

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Fly fishing themed footwear. Express your passion off the water. Catchflo footwear is as unique as you are. Express yourself, enjoy your angling journey & keep it fun. 90+ distinct shoes, sandals, slippers, & socks for passionate fly anglers. Interested in making a purchase? Be sure to chat with Catchflo Ambassador Jennie Felkin at [email protected]

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