Meet Our Leadership Team

Nor Cal WOTF has an amazing group of women who make it all happen! These seven women volunteer their time to make our group the best place for all women to learn and experience fly fishing.



Jennie Felkins started fishing with her dad as a little girl. She became passionate about fly fishing spring of 2020 and now she wants to catch everything only on the fly. Jennie passionate about finding other ladies to fish with that had the same obsession as well as be a part of something bigger than herself. She wants to help build a community that encourages, inspires and mentors all ladies in this sport. She wants any lady who looks at this group to see themselves somewhere within this group and feel invited and welcomed. Nothing makes her happier then when someone shares "I thought I was just going fishing, I didn't know I was going to find myself." One of her favorite places to fish is a drive north on a dirt road and then stop at the pine tree with 5 branches, park and then hike east down hill to the 3rd rock on the right. You'll see it! "Secret Spot!" If she’s not there then she’s in the Lake Almanor area or Belize. Her favorite fly is any fly she ties that catches a fish!! Fav freshwater - Halloween fly (her name for it!) You can find and follow her on Instagram at @cool_momma_j


Jen Hays has been in love with fly fishing for two years now. She grew up fishing for largemouth bass on Clearlake but was introduced to the world of fly fishing when she moved to Chico. Jen is a second grade teacher and since working with Jennie in school, her and Jennie worked hard to find more women to fish with. NorCal Women on the Fly was born! Now she fishes as much as she can between teaching, mountain biking, and hunting. Most of her fishing knowledge was gained by fishing with the ladies of NCWOTF. Learning to fly fish, especially from so many amazing anglers, has been an incredible experience with tons of laughs, mistakes, tears, and new friends. Catching fish in Northern California is her favorite place to be, especially on still-water lakes because it is calm and peaceful, unlike yard duty during recess! She loves finding a sweet little spot to float in the pontoon, throw her favorite fly (caddis dry fly) and watch the fish come up and grab it! You can also find her on the Sacramento River fishing large clousers for stripped bass or in Lake Almanor searching for big ol' browns with a balanced leech. Jen feels it’s been a privilege to be able to meet some badass fisherwomen and becoming a part of the NCWOTF admin team, she wants to do everything she can to help ladies have the same experience. You can find and follow her on Instagram at @jennyleigh19


Allison Cofield has been fly fishing for 5 years. She’s fished some pretty incredible locations but one in particular holds a very special place in her heart….the river where she first learned to fly fish- the West Carson in Hope Valley, California. Nestled into a stunning valley in the Sierras, the river snakes through a meadow surrounded by all the wildflowers and aspen trees your heart can desire. Allison was so fortunate to grow up just a short drive down the hill from this place, and after so many years, she still gets butterflies every single time I drop into the valley. She joined the admin team simply because she wants to be a part of connecting more women who share the same passion for fishing! Allison wants to connect and introduce women to more opportunities on the water to learn, gain confidence, and have a hell of a time doing it! Fishing has gifted her some of the best experiences of her life, and want as many people as possible to be able to share that same feeling. Allison’s absolute favorite fly is a messy little burgundy nymph her dad tied and gave to her. She caught a beautiful cutthroat with it on her first ever trip to Pyramid lake. That fly now lives permanently on the visor in her pickup, she earned her retirement 10 times over. You can find and follow her on Instagram @allisoncofield. Her indoor hobby is leather work! Check out her fishing related items like fly wallets and reel cases on Instagram @blue.creek.leather


Nicole Peterson has been fishing all her life but fly fishing for the last ten month thanks to Jennie Felkins and she loves it! She loves fly fishing and the rock star chicks that are her admin cohorts. She joined the NorCal Women on the Fly admin team with hopes of sharing the joy of the experience of fly fishing with other women. She also wants to serve as a mentor to youth to get them into nature as well as  interacting with wildlife and our environment. Her favorite fishing spot is Lake Almanor right now, but it’s going to change the more opportunity she gets to fish new waters! Her favorite go-to fly is the blood midge. When not fishing she’s a proud rice and almond farmer feeding world with Peterson Farming Inc. You can find and follow her on Instagram @Miminicolep


Megan has been fly fishing her whole life. Her dad didn't really give her a choice :-) After moving from Colorado to California she began backpacking more and more and that reignited her love for fly fishing. She most often is in the backcountry fishing dry flies on small mountain streams but she also loves to travel and has recently fallen in love with saltwater flats fishing.  She is one of the newer members of NCWOF and she always makes sure to bring enough supplies to make EVERYONE a Michelada.  You can find and follow her on Instagram @Petruccelli


Nera is an avid outdoors-woman born and raised in Northern California. During a trip to Montana and her painstaking attempt to catch a grayling on a lure she watched her husband entice these fish with a makeshift set-up and a fly he found in his bag with success. Challenge accepted! Returning from that trip she expressed her interest and received her first fly rod and reel from her mother-in-law. With support and guidance from her husband she found fly fishing not only took her another level out of her comfort zone but also opened the door for many new adventures. Now she keeps a fly rod in her truck at all times.. because you just never know when you will come across some fishy water. She has now fished and caught fish on the fly in most of the Western States and Hawaii. As an Admin for NCWOTF she is excited to help other like minded women ignite their passion further and build up their confidence in the outdoors. During her time off from work if she's not hanging out with her labs training for or running hunt tests, you can find them hiking, hunting or fishing throughout the territory of her homelands in California. She lives by the motto "Die with Memories not Dreams". You can find and follow her on Instagram @indigenous_squirrel


Maura started fishing in the SF Bay Area as a child, but typically because she was tagging along with her older brother. In 2011, she and her husband decided to go to Fly Fishing School, and that’s when the passion was ignited! Maura loves the access to the variety of waters and species that are within easy access of her North Bay home and “gets to water” to recharge as often as possible. She always has an Olive Wooly Bugger in her fly box, caught her first trout on one, and when in doubt she pulls it out. Fly-Fishing is a family thing, and some of Maura’s favorite moments are spent on the water with her husband, son and now grandson. She is excited about NCWOTF to find other women who fish, talk about fishing, plan fishing, and then fish some more! Maura has met so many women that “wish they knew how to fish” and don’t know how to get started, and she is enthusiastically sharing information about NCWOTF and is thrilled to be included as we continue to grow. Maura’s favorite fishing experience is “the next one”…ask her about her Trifecta Plan! You can find and follow her on Instagram at @yayaonthefly